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You feel as if a weight is pushing you down, your brain is foggy, your stomach in knots


You want to feel light and energized but nothing seems to help.

You give and give to others, yet feel you have no balance.  You feel overwhelmed and as if there is never enough time.

As a result, you feel energetically and spiritually drained. You are no longer in the driver’s seat of your life and you have health issues.

You are frustrated with band-aid fixes and know you are ready to go deeper, to the core where true healing happens.

I know what it feels like because I have been there!


From feeling lonely, unheard and afraid to ask for help. From feeling unworthy, undeserving and living a life of emotional suppression.

To releasing all of it. To feeling lighter and happier! To being able to trust your inner wisdom and express your voice.

Now is the time….To allow yourself to be heard, to receive the guidance and support you have needed!

I am here to help you through your journey – to reconnect with your spirit!


Discover a program that is right for you!

Connect with Avdeep in a safe, non-judgmental space for deep listening, understanding and transformation.

Appointments can be booked in-person or over Skype.

One on One Programs

Transforming Emotions

Have you lived a life where:

  • You were taught it is “not right” to feel or express emotions. You feel overwhelmed and alone now.
  • You judge yourself for feeling sadness, anger, depression, frustration and so forth
  • Bring awareness to deeper emotional issues that are now ready to be released and transformed.
  • Learn to feel all your emotions with non-judgement and acceptance.
  • Return to feeling happier, content and connected with those in your life.

“The wound is the place where the light enters you” Rumi.

Healing for Mothers

  • Are you looking to heal deeply from within? To heal YOUR inner child?
  • So that you can be a more loving, connected and present mother with YOUR children
  • Motherhood is a wonderful gift – an opportunity to heal your own wounds, pain or trauma
  • An opportunity to break generational patterns of unhealthy emotions and beliefs
  • To be a conscious parent – so that you can transform not only your life but that of your children!

Guidance for Helpers & Healers

  • Are you in a helping or healing profession – serving others and helping them shine in their best possible way? Yet YOU feel stuck!
  • You feel doubt, hesitation and insecurities.  Or you have given so much of yourself that your health is suffering. You feel depleted.
  • You now need to take care of yourself, to receive guidance and support
  • It is time for you to heal, grow and expand so you can serve others deeply in the ways you desire.
  • You know your spirit is calling for you to do so.

Occupational Therapy services may be covered by your health insurance

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